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RAMPAZZI, TERESA - Musica Endoscopica

Die Schachtel

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WAREHOUSE FIND. Following the acclaimed CD edition released by Die Schachtel in 2008, heres the long-awaited limited silver" LP edition of Teresa Rampazzis incredible early electronic music. It differs from the CD edition with the inclusion of "Metamorfosi," a previously-unreleased and magnificent drone piece. Teresa Rampazzi, a seminal yet very little-known female Italian composer/musician, founded the NPS - Nuove Proposte Sonore -- an experimental music collective formed in the late-60s. She was also one of the founders and main figures of the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale, a computer music research center active from the early-70s at the University of Padua. It would be easy to see electronic composer Rampazzi as Italys equivalent of Daphne Oram or Delia Derbyshire, those long-neglected pioneers behind the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. But zoomed in closer, though, a more intriguing picture begins to emerge: Musica Endoscopica is in fact an immersive journey into a futurist-ic/early digital electronic music with dense, long drone pieces made of complex textures that explore the computers capacity to produce endless variations of source material, at times anticipating some of the electro-feel to emerge in the years to follow. A welcome return of Die Schachtels celebrated "metallic" series vinyl LP editions, dedicated to early electronic Italian composers. Housed in a deluxe silver cover with silver foil design with a custom inner sleeve and a 4-page booklet in English and Italian." -Die Schachtel.

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