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RETSEPTI - Anthology of Georgian Underground - Tbilisi, 1987-92

Supreme Echo

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Could any Western music critic really comprehend the reality of the soviet state of Georgia during the 1980s? Let alone, being a complete anomaly in the countries contemporary music scene? This small and beautiful country in the Caucuses is world renown for its polyphonic vocal music ‚Äú however, little is known of contemporary Georgian music. Tbilisi, an isolated capital city. Isolation brings character. By way of definition, Retsepti represent what should be considered the most relevant contemporary music group to have existed in the Republic Of Georgia during the 1980s. If one is to summarize the history of underground music in ex-socialist countries, they will find very few which rank alongside the maturity of composition and stylistic character which Lado Burdulis group accomplished during their short and troubled existence. Retsepti was formed in 1987 by vocalist/leader Lado Burduli. A child prodigy - Lados first group was in fact 15 years earlier at the age of 7-8. His father being a famous actor of Soviet cinema; Lado himself partook in many films, including lead-roles. Growing up amidst a period which witnessed the Soviet Unions first official rock festival (Tbilisi 1980), the group distanced themselves from the vocal instrumental ensemble and youth music of the Soviet Estrada. -¢Our attitude of the band was no interviews and no relationships with anybody " starting from the other bands existing during that period, to the journalists, and generally whomever "no relationship with anybody at all!". Retsepti means recipe, or prescription"We chose the name because at that time, the Soviet society needed some treatment, and we were the "retsepti" for this treatment which would eventually cure them (the people of this society)." - Lado.
Existing throughout the fall of the Soviet Union and a five year period of civil war within Georgia, Burdulis lyrics bare a consistently similar theme; the struggle to sustain compassion and love within an intolerant society.
Retseptis music is extraordinary -¢‚Ǩ‚Äú original, well arranged dark punk and wave sung in Georgian with a raw voice which has melody under its surface. The Caucasian language group is delightfully unique sounding in its percussive and even abrasive tones.

This documentation offers the listener a rare chance to experience the groups entire recorded repertoire; from the odd sized Russian 1/4-¢‚Ǩ¬ù master tape discovered in an empty building two years after the civil war, to the sole remaining copies of songs on cassette tapes; all songs suffered substantial deterioration of sound, requiring meticulous audio restoration.
Retseptis story is a fascinating one, and the inclusion of an interview pried out of Burduli over five years, along with his original lyrics translated into English, only seem to conclude with a stronger sense of mystery. After six long years with innumerable set-backs, I am very proud to present, the definitive Restepti."

"A true pearl of the Soviet-era underground, well arranged unique mix of NWOBHM, dark-punk / cold-wave, and garage with abrasive Georgian vocals, recorded 1989-90. Raw & angry enough for the punks yet dark enough to please the post-punks. Musically comparable to SECTION 25, GRAZDANSKAYA OBORONA, early KILLING JOKE, STOOGES, JOY DIVISION, SIEKIERA, etc. Anglophones do not fear, this anthology will amaze! "A dark, desperate feel, interesting guitar work, and a twisted vocalist!" (MRR - Oct. 2006) "very glad to have it" - Middle Eastern Division, Harvard University (May 2009). 10 songs, professionally 24-bit re-mastered. Deluxe gatefold ecopak cover, hand stamped inner-sleeve, plus 16 page booklet with lyrics / photographs / interview & history of underground music in the ex-Soviet Republic of Georgia." - Supreme Echo.
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