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RFD - Lead Me Home


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This is the first-ever authorized reissue of this 1971 Christian classic, now remastered in a 24-bit remaster. Housed in an exact reproduction paper sleeve. Pretty intensely amazing songs of devotion couched in lazy, laid-back, skillfully-crafted pop/country/psych tuneage, chock full of harmonies and vibes so mellow, you wont know whether theyre singing about God or really good weed. The RFD stands for Russ, Fred, and Dan and heres the deal -- these guys (and girl) put out a record in 1971 that went onto become universally-hailed by the thousand or so people in the world with an opinion on the matter as one of the five or ten best Christian records of all time. Now if youre like me, the initial thought of good Christian music seems like more than a joke than anything else. But then you hear artists like The Search Party or Marj Snyder or The RFD and you realize that these people are the real deal. Good Jesus music doesnt preach or even really announce itself as Christian music, at all. You have to listen real close to hear a message, and if you do hear it, youre free to ignore it and go on with your sinful existence. Good Christian, or Xian as we call it in the record biz, is good music whether you get it or not, no matter what you may believe. It usually has a beauty and a purity you can hear in secular records like Linda Perhacs or Wendy and Bonnie. But usually, as with these albums, theres also a darkness there, lingering and undenied, feeding the music with added complexity and gravity. This isnt glassy-eyed Jesus freak music, and the best records are by real people living real lives full of pain as well as joy and love. I wont lie and say its anywhere as rich as the secular field, but there are some gems to be found and The RFD most definitely are one of them." -Douglas McGowan, Yoga Records

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