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"ROBERT PIOTROWICZ's single long track, "Clinamen 3" continues his study of the analog modular synthesizer. The first movement is characterized by a high-frequency tone and an erratic rhythmic bass pulse that slowly build to a wall of symphonic roar. The second movement, a low-end, dark passage, infests the symphonic leads with a sense of evil and menace, the two writhing together in a horror movie haze. The third goes all out, mixing a low end thump with a siren melody lead, dropping subtlety in favor of pure force, before going out like a lamb with a short, simple melodic coda. The first of C.M. VON HAUSSWOLFs quiet, textural studies of sound, "Ritual Shaving of an Ass in Belgium (aka Eating A Piranha Wouldnt Be So Bad The Way Things Are These Days)," is based on loops composed for an installation performance. The textures are light and scratchy, with careful variation on the crunchy textures, with the vaguest insinuation of bass hidden. "Ritual Shaving of an Ass in Poland (aka The Snoring Innocence)," is rawer, static, heavy, and abrasive. With extraneous sounds and audience conversations captured on ragged audio tape, its mangled, worn, decaying nature gives it an historical, hollow quality. Edition of 200." - Bocian.

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