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RODER, KLAUS - Kristallisationen 2


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2010 release. "Planam proudly presents the second LP production by Klaus Röder featuring two more pieces from the electronic Kristallisationen series -- "Kristallisation 5" (1993) for microphone recordings of children's chimes (played by children), Yamaha TX 802 digital synthesizer and EMS Synthi A analog synthesizer, "Kristallisation 7" (1997) for microphone recordings and computer sounds, as well as "Frozen Sounds" (2002) for electric guitar sounds and computer sounds and the more concrete "Life-Music 1" (1999) for microphone recordings in the zoo of Wuppertal, computer sounds and Yamaha TX 802 digital synthesizer. Klaus Röder is the archetype of the challenging challenger -- the perfect outsider. Nothing bad about it -- true geniuses often are hiding behind their uncompromising ethic. "Ethic in the attic" would define the home-studio work of this ex-Kraftwerk banned banned banned auf Die Autobahn. The independent, time-stretching composer Klaus Röder is by necessity an inventor. Systems, machines, treatments, everything is (hand)made to provoke, to induce a musical result not only technically superb but loaded with the author's intimacy: humor, sound elements of a private life, a kid giggling... indeed, a highly emotional and poetic approach. Klaus Röder mixes and plays with outside influences -- cut-up, musique concrète, psychedelia, plunderphonics, pop, even blues -- in order to create a patchwork-like but coherent corpus over nearly 40 years of compositional activity. His music blends the warmth of strings and of humanity with the icy matter of electrical components and seems to have just one borderline: that of our ears. Features a full-color sleeve." - Planam .
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