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ROLIN, MATTHEW J. - Matthew J. Rolin

Worried Songs

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"Worried Songs's third release is the debut solo LP from Matthew J Rolin. Originally released on the inimitable Feeding Tube records in 2019 and very quickly out-of-print, this pressing for UK and Europe will continue to showcase Matthew as one of the most creative, versatile, and powerful proponents honing their craft in the canon of the American primitive (and beyond) today. Cutting his chops in a haze of punk, noise, and psychedelic projects and bands in and out of Illinois and Ohio, that misspent youth can still be heard in these nine achingly beautiful compositions of solo concert steel string guitar. This is true outsider music, easily transcending the tired list of American-primitive masters -- it is ragged and rustic, tired and angry, beautiful and hopeful music for these often-hopeless times. Very few copies of this LP made it to Europe last time so quit goofing around. New LPs from this Ohio powerhouse (alongside the recently released and totally incredible duo record with Jen Powers on dulcimer) are incoming so get swatting up and quick. "While the rainy spirit and homespun quality of Rolin's music separates him from more academic fingerstyle contemporaries, he can't quite be classified with other unplugged noise dudes, either. There are echoes of Bill Orcutt's shattered blues in the dizzy rumble of 'Rivets' and a stripped-down reading of Ryley Walker's freefalling astral pop on 'Neverendingness,' but Rolin's songs never ramp up or even attempt to launch. Instead, they trudge steadily forward. A soft argument between hope and defeat runs through the album, and Rolin presents it with the calm resolve of someone who's probably sat alone with an acoustic guitar as the first of five acts at a basement gig. Unconcerned with virtuosic technique or reincarnating the ghosts of past guitar heroes, Rolin's overcast instrumentals convey the reality of his own encounters with folk blues." --Fred Thomas, Pitchfork "Rolin's talents as a solo player are immediately clear from the first note he plays. If you get a chance to see him don't pass it up. Nor should you pass up this chance to score his first long player while it's hot off the presses." --Byron Coley" - Worried Songs.
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