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ROSS, ALEXANDER - Grandfather Paradox


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"Critically celebrated for his candy coated biomorphic abstractions, Alexander Ross equally visionary feats of sonic Surrealism have until now remained an insiders secret. Thanks to Kemialliset Ystavat and Tomutonttu mastermind Jan Anderzen, the resplendent oddness of Ross musical imagination is now finally available to be rolled around on the collective tongue of humanity once again via this vinyl reissue for his Vauva imprint. Originally issued as a cassette on the cult electronic label Generations Unlimited, this freak fringe tour de force from 1989 has its navigational coordinates governed by the kind of psychically dislocating dream logic more associated with Nurse With Wound. Across the epic suite that comprises these two album sides, Ross musical syntax pops with all manner of unexpected rhythmic and textural detailing. The friction and frisson generated by raking kernels of assorted organic ephemera from rolls of dice, clinks of ice or the rattle of bamboo wind chimes against the fur of his countervailing compositional gestures is responsible for generating a lot of the drama heard here. On the excerpt from Side A found below, they counterpoint foghorn-like trombone fanfares, ecstatic ethnological forgeries and welling tides of smeared orchestration". - Eric Lumbleau (of Mutant Sounds), Ad Hoc.
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