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RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK - d) Wurm?...und innen sind sie wurmstichig


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Somebody told me that this is Germanys answer to Nurse With Wound. After listening to it I have to agree, with its random structure of strange noises / sounds. I could only bear 10 minutes of it before switching it off, how long could you last? 300 only, so all you NWW fans get a move on. -IMPULSE (UK). \r\n"This is a binaural recording" it proclaims on the sleeve, which consists of a video style cassette case with clear plastic inserts providing track information, a David Jackman-style design and a question mark rattling loose inside. I think binaural means that you get the opportunity to be deafened in different ways in each ear if you are foolish enough to play this on headphones. A random smattering of grating synth noises, gargling vocals, the sound of drilling feedback and that damned plumber again, all proves very Jackman/Rupenus in style." - Music From The Empty Quarter (UK).

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