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Glass Redux

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Bruce Russell is a New Zealand experimental musician and writer. He is a founding member and guitarist of the seminal noise rock trio The Dead C and the free noise combo A Handful of Dust (with Alastair Galbraith). He has released solo albums featuring guitar and tape manipu-lation, and has contributed articles to The Wire. In summer of 2013, Bruce Russells daughter Olive Russell uploaded a documentary of her father that she shot and edited herself called 27 Minutes with Mr. Noisy: A Documentary about Bruce Russell" to "This will be alien music to many listeners. Guitars tuned to the occult settings of revenants like Skip James and then played with a knife in an uncanny re-contextualising of the sound of beer bottles against guitar strings on the original Metallic K.O.; massively deformed electronics that sound like swarms of static, that sound like the needle eating the vinyl; radio interference; broke down piano; sledgehammer fuzz? this is the sound of taking a live Stooges meltdown as the keys to the goddamn kingdom and as a secret intimation of the arc of the fu-ture. Now here it is" - Taken from the sleevenotes of Metallic OK by David Keenan, author of This Is Memorial Device.

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