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Total Life Society

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"The group met and recorded tracks during 2007-2008 in Cleveland and Oakland. The vinyl version of NO ENDOWMENTS is available from TOTAL LIFE SOCIETY RECORDS (2008), while the CD version is available from TEXTILE RECORDS (2009). The album was mastered by Weasel Walter. The cover art is by Devendra Banhart. This Cleveland combo, led by Matthew Wascovich, has sounded a little random to my ears previously. But this effort, NO ENDOWMENTS, featuring Clevelanders Dave Cintron (Terminal Lovers, Downside Special), Ted Flynn (Theodore Vril), Andrew Klimek (X-Blank-X, Johnny & The Dicks, Death On A Stick, Ugly Beauty), Scott Pickering (Pufftube, Prisonshake, My Dad Is Dead, Spike In Vein, Happy Flowers), Nate Scheible (Self Destruct Button), Dan Wenninger (Oblique Orchestra) and Oakland, Californias Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers, XBXRX, Lake Of Dracula) is freeform skronk, but other parts are great rolling-CLE-word-spews in the Laughner/Kryss tradition, with instrumental moves jacked from Death of Samantha and Rocket From The Tombs, then updated like crazy. Crazy." - Byron Coley, Archivist.

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