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Golden Lab

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"Amazing, whacked archival recordings from Bob Fay (ex Sebadoh/Deluxx) and a host of Western Massachusetts friends, including Conrad Capistran (TARP), Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh), Ann Slinn (Somerville Players), and Mark Perretta (Deluxx/Deluxx Folk Implosion), initially slated for release on Thurston Moore and Byron Coleys Ecstatic Yod Actuel Ass Run series. Featuring great, snarky Byron Coley liner notes, the LP collects home cassette recordings from between 1987 and 1995 that offer a fantastic aural bridge between the grunge-offcut, Northeast American, lo-fi sludge-rock scene of the very early 90s and what later became known as "New Weird America." Stylistically all over the place and beyond brilliant, this record represents the nascent weirdo mind of a Golden Lab Records that, at the time, didn't even know it would come to be." - Golden Lab.

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