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SCREAMERS - Assault!


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A nice collection of recordings by the Los Angeles synthpunk\r\npioneers, this includes 1978 live versions of Vertigo," "Last\r\nFour Digits," "Magazine Love," "The Beat Goes On," "Punish or\r\nBe Damned," and "In a Better World," plus "If I Cant Have\r\nWhat I Want" and "Mater Dolores" from the 1977 Pat Garrett\r\ndemos, "Why the World" and "The Scream" from a 1978 demo, as\r\nwell as "Im a Mensch," "The Scream," and "Why the World" from\r\nthe 1978 Renee Daalder/David Campbell demos, closing with a\r\ngreat quality live "122 Hours of Fear." The folder insert\r\nfeatures a long 1979 article and band interview by Jon Savage,\r\nplus lyrics, photos and gig posters." - Scream!

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