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Although the Screamin Mee-Mees are best known for their 1977 EP, the D.I.Y. Punk masterpiece Live From The Basement", the boys had been making tapes since the late 60s. They recorded goofball rock n folk songs on guitar and homemade drums, Kraut Rock-n-pot fueled white noise jams and the odd bit of comedy, organ music and other experimentations.\r\nThis cassette is a real gem Im proud to have re-discovered during one of our many excavations of Bruce Coles basement. Recorded around 69 or 70, the tape was long thought lost and not heard for a couple decades. The first side is Bruce and Jon of the Mee-Mees putting on a production of "TV shows" with songs and bits, including a variety show with the boys posing as a couple rock bands. The second side starts with Bruce and Jon recording their observations as they drove around Ferguson in Jons Javelin station wagon. After that trek, the boys head back home to play a handful of original songs. Vocals by both, with Bruce on acoustic guitar and Jon on coffee can drums. About a full hour glimpse into the minds of the Mee-Mees, a very, very scary place. \r\nShrink-wrapped, pro-made, chrome cassette with full color cover. CS is limited to 100 copies." -Rerun.\r\n


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