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SCROTUM POLES - Revelation


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"Finally! After Auchmithie Forevers treasures were unleashed last year, now here comes what youve all been waiting for: a complete reproduction of arguably THE best example of the pop side (or any side, really!) of the UK DIY post-punk era. Dundees Smeg, Burt, Sid & Stripey originally released Revelation themselves in handmade, ill-fitting covers in 1980, and thirty-one years later it still deserves to be filed alongside 14th Floor, Spiral Scratch, and The Medium is Tedium. With more hits on one single than most bands have across multiple albums, the five songs here perfectly encapsulate the excitement of the UK post-punk explosion from the perspective of a teenage record fanatic. From the raging proto-hardcore Radio Tay and the untouchable bedroom powerpop of Helicopter Honeymoon", to the gloomy Night Train and the dreary pop classic "Pick the Cats Eyes Out", Revelation sounds almost like a clunky sampling of what was happening at the time but simultaeously outdoes the bands idols with its stripped-down purity and undeniably instant catchiness. Remastered and packaged in glossy glued sleeves, and including a repro of the orginal entertaining ditto-on-gold paper insert (complete with connect the dot games and Do the Scrote dance instructions), its worth the wait! First pressing of 500 copies." - Dulc-i-Tone.

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