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SEARCH PARTY, THE - Montgomery Chapel


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Fantastic new release on Erebus Records containing a 4-page booklet with band info. A primitive Christian folk-rock LP which hits some truly unique moods and sounds on about 2/3rds of the tracks. Obviously inspired by the West Coast psychedelic sounds of the era, The Search Party take compositions by their spiritual mentor, a Catholic middle-aged priest, and turn them into primitive California garage folk rock and psych with fuzz leads and raw vocals! Most Christian folk-rock LPs suffer from still having one foot left in Sunday School, but these young seminarians have definitely broken through to the other side. Side 1 ends with an unparalleled 9-minute downer folk-rock excursion with heavy soul-searching lyrics that alone makes Montgomery Chapel worth checking out, but beware -- its crude, even the female vocalist has a strange edge. Unrehearsed confessions from a basement Music Emporium. -Acid Archives

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