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SEISHOKKI - 1975-1977


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Seishokki (roughly translates as Organs Of Blue Eclipse) was an outfit formed while its members were still in high school and active from 1975-1977 in Asahikawa in northern Japan. The onset of punk may have validated these six non-musicians decision to start a band but original member Ikuro Takahashi (who went on to perform with a veritable whos who list of outfits including Fushitsusha, High Rise, Che-Shizu and Maher Shalal Hash Baz) has suggested that a lot of their inspiration came from what was probably a misreading of early minimalism. With their musical influences as likely to be only heard of as actually heard what comes out in these recordings is a wonderfully primitive approach to the repetition of minimalism with exuberant forays into wild synth/percussion driven noise. The result is a sound that falls somewhere between the original Amon Duul LPs and Outside the Dream Syndicate with a nod towards the subsequent development of noise as a genre in the Japanese underground. These are believed to be the only surviving recordings of this band with the exception of a vocal track with lyrics concerning an eternal teenage concern deemed too mortifying for release. Limited vinyl only edition in lurid 5 color screenprinted jacket. - SIWA. Included in Julian Copes Top 50 Japanese Underground LPs of all time in the recently published JAPROCKSAMPLER book.

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