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Riverman Music

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"This is the first-ever CD release of The Seventh Dawn's Dreams, originally released in 1977, the follow-up to Sunrise, their 1976 debut. Now remastered in a 24-bit remaster, including six bonus tracks. Seventh Dawn recorded their second album at the Virginia Commonwealth University's electronic music department. It has a more ambitious, emotionally-driven energy that unexpectedly bursts forth on the first two tracks. Moody amplified guitars, bits of reverb on the vocals and second guitars, the male, female and dual vocals, the keyboard arrangements, and the minimal use of drums. The conceptualized, fragile creativity brings to mind the Ithaca album, and the beautiful analog, sometimes mellotron-like synthesizer arrangements recall Emtidi's Saat. The songs on Dreams move beyond the innocence of Sunrise, but a sense of optimism remains. Housed in a paper gatefold sleeve, including lyrics, original cover artwork insert, and liner notes written by member Heff Munson." - Riverman Music .
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