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Riverman Music

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"Severance & Cassidy-Ç was a duo playing folk rock in the late 70s and early 80s in New Hampshire.-Ç Don Severance: songwriter, guitar and vocals-Ç Gary Cassidy: bass and vocals. In 1978, they were playing clubs, concerts, and parties full-time throughout New Hampshire and into Vermont. Their sound evolved from their interest in the acoustic, melodic, and harmony-driven music that was popular at the time. Don was strongly influenced by the guitar and harmony work of-Ç Peter, Paul And Mary-Ç and the songwriting and vocals of-Ç Simon And Garfunkel. In addition, bands such as-Ç America-Ç and-Ç Crosby, Stills And Nash-Ç were on the charts adding their brand of folk rock to the musical landscape. Gary came from a background of country music, and with his deep, rich, full-range vocals and his strong bass skills, they created a sound that felt larger than most other duos in the area. If you like obscure and mellow folk rock of the 1970s, this is a must-have album. -Riverman

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