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Rotted Tooth

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"Greatness of this caliber hasn't come out of Saint Louis since the late great Drunks With Guns! SHAVED WOMEN's debut 12 is a pretty brutal piece of wax, with equal parts 80s hardcore and pigfuck noise rock. This eponymous piece of powerful brilliance mixes Black Flag-esque choruses and tough-as-nails AmRep-y verses, bridges, and breakdowns seamlessly. Just imagine what Black Flag wouldve sounded like in the early-90s, if they ditched Henry and hooked up with a fictional emphysema-riddled Keith Morris instead. Sounds pretty righteous, huh? Not as righteous as this record will once it hits your turntable. Its a 12" EP full of no-nonsense punk fucking rock that reminiscent of a seemless mix of Francis Harold and the Holograms and Pissed Jeans. This record feels like a mutant monster truck going In The Red. A fist-pumping, melodic, instantly memorable, hooky record with 7 full-on shout-alongs to pass down to posterity. Its fucking relentless, is what it is and it sounds way more like a crew of hairy-ass fat dudes than a shaved women, but Shaved Women is an awesome band name, isnt it? I digress, those with a little less testosterone under the hood, will be stoked to hear that the last cut on side A, Same In The End, has a killer mid-tempo, groovy, downer vibe that out-weirds most weird punks going all the way back to when punk first started getting weird and the band is tighter than a pair of the tightest skinny jeans. In fact, this author would go as far as to say that Shaved Women must bring a serious amount of mosh with them when they perform live. Furthermore, Choices contains some of the most damaged bass playing Ive heard in ages and the last cut on the underside is a fucking killer Die Kruezen cover (Think For Me). This slab is on Rotted Tooth Recordings so you know its decked out with some killer screen printed artwork."-Lance (Permanent Records).

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