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SHIT DOGS - The History of Cheese

Last Laugh

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"Back in the olden days before le Deluge, the preeminence of ones family totem-pole was said to have been determined by how closely your parents were related to one another (incest being best).-Ç This practice died out in most places, but thankfully not in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, lest the world might have been robbed of the chromosomally deficient genius of The Shit Dogs - the inbred kings of redneck punk!-Ç Like a southern-fried Ramones with Hapsburg chins and multiple personality crises, the Shit Dogs over the course of five unbelievably crude blasts dealing in themes of violence, cannibalism and possibly hemophilia, sound unsure if they want to be the Stooges or Black Sabbath; as the cheese whose history the band celebrates grows riper and more inhabited by the second.-Ç Hailing from the city that housed the last remaining leper colony in the continental U.S., The History Of Cheese is a soundtrack of frayed denim, resin scrapings, mildewed walls and t-shirts with cigarette burns.-Ç A bar band thug collision with accidental greatness sure to appeal to fans of the Crucified, the Imperial Dogs and Teenage Queers.-Ç Originally five songs squeezed onto one 7, the attentive quality assurance department at Last Laugh Records has finally given the 5 songs that comprise the Shit Dogs magnum opus the lebensraum they have always so rightly demanded.-Ç YOU BUY IT!" - Last Laugh.

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