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SHIZUKA - Live/Traditional Aesthetics


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Shizuka were THE great lost-in-action group of the Tokyo underground psych scene during the early to mid-90s. Led by doll-maker Shizuka, and with ex-Fushitsusha alumni Maki Miura and Jun Kosugi on hand, they created some of the most fragile and intense acid-rock of their time, but remained largely undocumented and under appreciated. The gig documented on this CD, recorded at Bears in Osaka in 1995, was long whispered of amongst the cognoscenti. It catches them at a near-divinely inspired peak of fucked-up narcotic bliss. Shizukas uncanny vocals and tremulous sense of timing washing like brown sugar over fluid nebulae of guitar and drum nirvana, peaking and churning in perfect, weightless filigrees of light, cosmic cold and invisible motion. Miuras guitar playing is just jaw-dropping. Booklet includes lyrics in Japanese and English. -PSF

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