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SIMPLY SAUCER - Reckless Agitation

Logan Hardware

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"By now the deep heads and even a few squares are hip to the psychedelic proto-punk fury that is Simply Saucer. Formed in the basement of Hamilton, Ontario in the mid-70s, they dragged platters by the Stooges, Velvets, Syds Floyd, and the Pink Fairies to a bewildered studio crew (including a young Daniel Lanois) and laid down the tracks that would compromise their now legendary LP Cyborgs Revisited (along with some slaying live tracks). The Saucer went through a few line-up changes over the years (theyre still active!) and released some further singles, always with the core of genius songwriter Edgar Breau and bass god Kevin Christoff. Numerous demos were cut throughout their career, and rabid fans captured more blazing live shows on tape, so we are proud to present four completely unheard vintage 1975-1977 Simply Saucer compositions on one fancy-packaged 45 EP. Ranging from snarling VU-inspired pre-punk to poppy ditties that would make Kevin Ayers blush, these previously unreleased tracks come housed in a possibly groundbreaking package--bolted onto a true Saucer. Yes, with washer and 45 adapter added to the construction, sticker, and a printed-on frisbee, we have constructed a truly unique package here that, well... actually flies!" -Logan Hardware.

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