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YAZIJIAN, ED - Six Ways To Avoid The Evil Eye

One Tree

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This album is a reissue of a super limited CD-R from 2006. Cover is black on black screenprint variant. These are mysterious recordings that seem to be emersed in an innerspace composed entirely of serious reverb Jello, all instrumental-style with loads of tabla and slide guitar and international/continental/other worldly instruments & sounds. The artist is Dr. Eweerd Yijji (aka Ed Yazijian) who should be known for his work with serious folks like Dredd Foole and Pete Prescott (Mission of Burma, Volcano Suns) and many others (not to mention occasional live performances with the mighty Sun City Girls). this is his first solo release. Handmade silkscreened covers. with a limited quantity available. "Violinist and steel guitarist Ed Yazijian aka Dr Eweerd Yijji has played the Lee Underwood to Dredd Fooles Tim Buckley for past few decades with barely a thought to the contours of his own musical soul. For anyone expecting simply a series of solo violin and guitar readings, Six Ways To Avoid The Evil Eye will come as a real curveball, as the central orbit around which most of these tracks swing is mostly based in rhythmic/percussive ritual in a way that more immediately brings to mind the rain of stones that defines much of the Angus MacLise back catalog. Theres a heavy, devotional air to much of the activity that speaks of personal trance as eloquently as the works of Alice Coltrane, albeit transposed to a much more punk primitive palette of hand-drums, bows and traditional acoustic drones." - David Keenan, The Wire.

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