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SKATERS/YELLOW SWANS - Humming Lattice Flowers


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We love The Skaters..... Seriously.. GREAT dudes. GREAT jams.. We met\r\nem about three years ago in San Diego.. When we moved to the Bay, Spencer\r\nwas camping out in the Mission and holding it down........ It was great\r\nreconnecting with the dude and he was wanting to do a YS/The Skaters split\r\ntape.. he passed us a double CDR of OPHA" and "Dark Rye Bread" and we\r\nwere SOLD. So we did a split tape about six months ago that we sold on\r\nour west coast tour with Chuck Bettis that Spencer was along for a bit...\r\nWe sold all of em on tour and now I find out that the tapes selling on\r\nEbay for $40 or some ridiculous amount. Well.. if you dont mind the\r\ndigital format.... Heres the music actually made available in a\r\npossible-to-order sort of way....\r\nErrr.. The Music?? the YS track is totally odd stumblings and rumblings\r\nand the Skaters jam is uber saturated song clatter.. Blissed out\r\nscratchings from both units. Back in 200 handmade copies.." - JYRK.

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