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Superior Viaduct

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THE SLEEPERS debut five-song EP, originally released in 1978, is one of the truly essential records to come out of California in the late 70s. It is 100% punk in spirit and yet avoids every punk cliche. The bands original lineup of RICKY WILLIAMS, MICHAEL BELFER, PAUL DRAPER and TIM MOONEY operates here as a machine-a temperamental one rattling in unison. Opener Seventh World" trudges through many tempos without repeating a single one, while Williamss astonishing, Robo-fueled voice douses the microphone with esoteric imagery. Each track creates a new template for psychedelic rock and discards it by the time the next one begins. This record inexplicably transcends the mere sum of its parts. First-time reissue in its proper 7-inch format, from original master tapes." -Superior Viaduct.

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