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SMALL CRUEL PARTY - Stain On Pure Glass/The Waking Of Leafy Pools (Art Edition)

Harbinger Sound/Penultimate Press

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Limited handmade art packaged version in an edition of 25 numbered copies. 20 copies available for direct sale only.
\r\nOriginally released as a box set by Harbinger Sound in 2002 in an edition of 300 copies.\r\n
\r\nThe Penultimate Press version kindly donated from remaining stock by Steve Underwood at Harbinger Sound is an exquisite hand made art edition in an extremely limited edition of 25 copies. 5 to artist and collaborators, 20 available to general public. Individual handmade art sleeves made by long time friend and fan John Hubbard._��Ǩ�� - Penultimate Press.\r\n
\r\nStain on Pure Glass was commissioned by the 1993 AVE Festival at Arnhem, The Netherlands. I had been invited to present a sound installation at the festival that year (The dreaming of the earth continued into daylight_��Ǩ��) they also wanted a piece to play on a radio show during the festival, and Stain on Pure Glass was created for that purpose. A 7 min excerpt of this piece was included on the compilation CD _��Ǩ_�Tape a break_��Ǩ�� released on the occasion of the fesival by AVE and Rund um den Watzmann. This is the complete version.\r\n
\r\nThe Waking Of Leafy Pools presented here was recorded at Extrapool in Nijmegen during an evening also featuring Chop Shop and Kapotte Muziek (Frans, Peter, and probably also Roel Melkop). It was performed live without any pre-recorded material and recorded directly to a 2-track DAT machine (remember those?). This was a piece I did a lot back then, but this version was always one of my big favorites : first european tour, hanging out with Mr. CHOP and lots of other great folk, and a strange aleatory disfunctionment that created an unexpected and delightful change in the piece at one point_��Ǩ�� We were put up at Extrapool and slept in their little crows nest (the building is several storeys high, 4 or 5?, and the last storey is simply big enough for a mattress on the floor, and not enough room to stand up. I recall a sort of three-sided bay window that made up a lot of the wall surface so one was kind of projected out into the town below _��Ǩ��� it left a lasting powerful impression on us both, and we still talk of it with real fondness and nostalgia).\r\n
\r\nSmall Cruel Partys work is focused on the inherent mysterious and beautiful quality of sound itself, with the emphasis on noninstrumental sound sources, the source itself not being readily apparent. Work generally involves manipulation of physical objects in acoustic space and a great deal of concentrated activity. Even in pieces involving dense sound at high volume the resultant effect is one of intense calm." - William Ransone.\r\n
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