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SMEGMA - I Am Not Artist 1973-1988


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"This astonishing 6LP/DVD Box-Set compiles most of Smegmas long out or print and impossible to find Vinyl-releases and contributions on labels such as their own legendary PIGFACE-Records, LAFMS, TRAP, DOM and SELEKTON. The box incl. their first three 7 inches "Disco Diarrhea", "Flashcards", "Pigface Chant", their Lps like "Pigs for Leper" or "Glamour Girl 1941" as well as a 2Lp-sided extract of the Live 7382 Double Tape -جø¬-??Spontaneaous Sound, all in one place. Smegma started collectively by Ju Suk Reet Meate, Cheese it Ritz, Chucko Fats, Dennis Duck, Amazon Bambi and Cheesebro and found many other Avantgarde/Freejazz/Improv-musicians to participate in the next 3 1/2 decades to come. This Box is taking you on a journey with the least likely Folk-Primitive-Avant-Gard band in Pasadena, California, through Portland Oregons Punk Rock revitalization and first melt down, to become the serious force in weird music that continues today. Box is accompanied with a DVD-Version of the original Video "10 years wasted" released in 1983 which is a great document of Smegmas first 10 years of existence & work Box is accompanied with a DVD version of the original amazing Video "Smegma the first 10 years-جø¬-?? by Mike Lastra released in 1983 plus 2 Bonustracks of performances from 1978 & 80." - Vinyl On Demand.

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