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SNACKS - Natural Snacks


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"For this record, Snacks initially wanted to encode an interactive web site of sexy dance music videos and lathe it into vinyl. Included with the record would be an rca jack to telephone wire adapter so people could jam the album using their old 56k modems. The board of directors at Ehse Records unfortunately 86ed this concept leaving Snacks to do a picture disc containing analog gastronomy, fights between the wait staff and the cooks, effluvial drum licks, persuasive percussion, tasteful guitar solos, non-ironic tap dancing, hot body squelches, vintage garbage, French primitivism, nocturnal grooves carved in avocado rinds, troublesome themes, Slavic melancholy, uptight programming, neoist sequencers, ham-fisted mastering. Picture window hand-screened jacket around picture of pure record picture disc record. Edition of 500." -Ehse.

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