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SPECULUM FLIGHT - Live in Tokyo 1995

What The..?

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"We are proud and excited to present our second effort as the team What\r\nThe..? Records in finest production and resurrection n of artifacts\r\nfrom some of the favorite artists. This time.... -- a lost long live\r\nset from California sound unit Speculum Fight (to some now known as\r\nDamion Romero), taken place back in a heavy time for sound of such\r\ndensity and heaviness, in one of the heaviest zones on Planet Earth --\r\nTyoko, Japan circa 1995 !!! These sides are cut striaght in vein from\r\nchrome cassette to cutting needle, as if drawing the very energy of\r\nanalog spirit without the interference of digital approximation, and\r\nindeed it is pure anaolog these grooves you hear!!! Romero has stated\r\nthis live set is in direct influenced by such dark-cloud recordings as\r\nMilky Way" (infamous Keiji Haino live set) and perhaps ritualistic\r\ndensity of C.C.C.C., but we know the sound is also instead pure West\r\nCoast motor engine fog monster. Bonus slab of soundcheck included at\r\nthe beginning, to set the stage for what surely will be known as a\r\nprime window into pure eyes-closed eclipsed darkness of highest mental\r\norder. Romero does not su much as "play" as he does just line up of\r\ncosmic and physical psychic energy to birth a creation of situation\r\nfor top-notch psychic physical cosmos. Comes in silkscreened cover\r\nwith heavy-duty resealable polyethylene bag, includes reproduction of\r\noriginal show flyer and numbered photograph from the trip in the eye\r\nof Romero himself. Hold inside cover in front of face while listening\r\nfor best results. Edition of 300." - What The..?

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