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SPIDERWEBS - Brighton Beach

Wholly Other

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"Spiderwebs is the duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides, etc.) and Houston improvising guitarist Sandy Ewen. Starting from the sparse and sometimes pastoral base of Spiderwebs two previous releases, Strands Formerly Braided (Music Fellowship) and Away Away (Collective Jyrk), Brighton Beach constructs towers of fuzz, electronics, and naked scrape from which the duo launch deep into the inarticulate heart of sonic maximalism. Since Spiderwebs 2003 inception, Carters guitar playing has traveled a long, strange road from his spacious improvisations with Heather Leigh-era Charalambides to the immersive pyrotechnics of his current solo playbook. Ewens mangled percussive explosions, high-harmonic shrieks, and Bailey-esque realtime stereo panning echo the aesthetic terrorism of electric Donald Miller, and provide a perfect foil to Carters damaged looping psychedelia. Both push their sound to improbable extremes to launch Spiderwebs into the upper realms of higher-key incandescence. Edition of 255 hand-numbered & hand-titled copies with 2-color silkscreen covers and photo/ text inserts". -Wholly Other

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