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SPYKES & PARASHI - Braille License Plates For Sullen Nights

Radical Documents

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"For nearly five years and counting the Christmas tradition has been an annual frozen sonic meeting in the shadows of Clifton Park, NY between Mike Griffin & Johnny R. Spykes. Bonded by a lengthy basement pact of mutual NON MUSICK they’ve forged an unholy handshake with Braille License Plates For Sullen Nights. Two tracks of lurking electronics & handmade reeds on sides A and B will fill your cave-creature skull to the brim with overheated nonsensical memory transmissions. It is a brief dip into the seven inch deep waters but what you pull out of the murky pond should be put right TF back to its horrible dank home.Your record needle fears this, your neighbors hate this, the cops know this exists, and you need it. This record is polyvinyl chloride proof of the secrets the bacteria hides under your fingernails! Features members of the Albany Ambushers. Audiophiles burned alive!" - Radical Documents. 


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