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STALIN, THE - Stalinism Naked


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"It's worth noting that the recording lineup for the newly-added track 9 is particularly rare and unique. It features Jun Obiga (June-Bleed) on guitar, Teruya Ogata on bass, and Jun Inui on drums. Now, here is the noteworthy part; this one and a track on "Vietnam Legend" are the only recordings ever done by Michiro and The Stalin that features this ultra short-lived lineup, as Teruya Ogata was in the band for a half year from December 1983 until June 1984 and Jun Obiga was in them for only a few months from December 1983 until he got his own band The Willard back together March 1984. The 1984 Takarajima 'Cassette-Book' series "ベトナム伝説 [Vietnam-Legend]" features almost the same lineup except that Jun Inui plays the drums on only one track (渚の天婦羅ロック = Nagisa-no-Tempura Rock) while some unknown dude called Takeshi Tsuchida plays on the rest. The recording lineup for the second track (天婦羅ロック = Tempura Rock) on the "電動コケシ / 天夫羅 Rock" flexi from the same B.Q. Records era is supposedly different than this FM radio version as well." - Inundow.
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