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STARFUCKERS - The Eternal Soundcheck

Spittle Archive

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"Starfuckers: one of the most elusive and provocative Italian experimental rock bands of the '90s. The title of this new and previously unreleased album comes as a quote from Lydia Lunch when at one of their concerts, she commented: "It sounds like an eternal soundcheck." Recorded live between 9th and 10th of April 1999, The Eternal Soundcheck consists of just one sound portion from a six hours long concert held at "Link" in Bologna, one of the most important Italian underground clubs of the time. This was some sort of conceptual piece specially conceived for the "Distorsonie" festival. An extremely intense performance based on the idea of liberation of sound and physical exhaustion. Originally meant to be released on Drunken Fish, eventually, the original tapes got irreversibly damaged, and the music contained in this album is the only surviving portion. About forty minutes of ongoing performance, no editing, no overdubs, just pure, irreverent Starfuckers sound art performed by the core group of Manuele Giannini (guitar, echoplex, vocals), Alessandro Bocci (synth, sampler, turntable, effects), and Roberto Bertacchini (drums)." - Spittle Archive.
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