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SUISHOU NO FUNE - Writhing Underground Flowers

Lotus Sound

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Formed in 1999 by the guitarist duo of Pirako Kurenai and Kageo in Tokyo, Japan. They quickly made a name for themselves in the underground music scenes and played throughout Tokyo with a whos who list of musicians. The two players melded mind and influences to create what they have come to know as Magic Music. This Magic Music, while influenced by some of the biggest names in psychedelia from every decade, defies stereotype, and will lead you on a beautiful journey. This improv journey at times is as soothing as a stream, while other times it radiates with a chaotic beauty not often found in freeform music today. Writhing Underground Flowers is their first release since Where The Spirits Are on seminal label, Holy Mountain. All 3 tracks were fully improvised and showcase the duos finest explorations. For those familiar with Suishou No Fune, you will be pleased with their continued psychedelic explorations. For those who are not, you will find their poetic beauty exploring the yin/yang of the world around them and within them. Magic music indeed. -Lotus Sound.

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