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Monofonus Press

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"SXSW can be a really annoying time, but sometimes when the right connections happen it makes it all worth it. Over the past few years weve thrown under the radar shows over at our compound. Last year SUN ARAW watched RALPH WHITE play a set with his banjo, kalimba, and fiddle. They were both into each other. A collaboration was discussed. Now we have this split 12 with each artist giving us 10-plus-minute jammers. Sun Araw does a psychedelic version of Neil Youngs Thrasher, and Ralph does a take on the song Lord Franklins Ballad (from about the year 1852). I asked Ralph if it was a cover. No... it's a song about that song...the first and the last verses are from the mentioned child ballad and the 3 middle verses are mine....sort of a comment on the general that?" - Monofonus Press.

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