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SUN CITY GIRLS - Carnival Folklore Resurrection Radio One & Two


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Volume 11/12 in a series of hopefully never-ending CDs under the title of the Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrection. Limited one time only pressing of 1000 copies. "Originally aired on Brian Turners WFMU radio show in November of 2002, this head-splitting 2 CD set is unlike any previous SCG encounter. The landmark broadcast includes: radio collage (from Thailand and beyond), trio Improv, pseudo-Rock, Folk, French and Italian pop, Noise, ethereal space music, answering machine messages, Uncle Jim rants, lounge, field recordings, fucked-up Hip-Hop and much MORE. The set also features the SCG soundtrack music (Nibiru) to the opening shot from Harmony Korines British TV documentary of David Blaines 44 day fast in a suspended glass box over London and an excerpt from an actual Masonic Funeral! Several of the songs have been re-mixed from the original aired broadcast. AND, a Track by SPECS ONE and a distant message from LAIRD HENN appear as guest performers." - Abduction.

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