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SUPER DJATA BAND - En Super Forme Vol. 1

Musique Mondiale

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"Fan club reissue of the Super Djata Bands third LP. Holy Grail for many Afro LP collectors, En Super Forme Vol. 1 released in 1982 is testament to the riveting power of the Super Djata Bands music as one of Malis or for that matter Africas true musical treasures. This is a deep and spiritual album, that has hypnotized all that have heard it. Formed in the late 1960s by Daouda Flani Sangare, Alou Fane and Zani Diabate from their time in the Ballet National du Mali, the band went through many incarnations; Ganoua Band, then Orchestre National C, and finally as Super Djata . The Super Djata Band drew upon traditional Malian culture for inspiration: most of their songs are based on traditional from the Sikasso region. Rhythms and dances of Bambara hunters and Bozo fishermen, together with the melodies of the Peul and Malinka, spiced with Zanis psychedelic guitar riffs exploding like a cosmic thunderstorm. Limited edition one-time pressing. -Musique Mondiale

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