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Rotted Tooth

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"Rotted Tooth is still a very young label, but it's one thats already established a distinct, if eclectic, aesthetic. This SUPERSONIC PISS LP is a pretty precise cross-section of all things Rotted Tooth. Remnants of the snotty tude of Solid Attitude, gnarliness of Shaved Women, and intensity of Mr. Rotted Tooth's own fucked up arty noise rock band Cacaw are all audible in the sound of Supersonic Piss, a Nyquil-addicted, nightmarish, GBD noise punk band from Iowa City. Amidst the grooves of this supersonic piss-colored foot-longer, the listener is treated to 10 dirty dirges of punky brewster (lower case) proportions and 2 fuckin S-I-C-K Teenage Jesus covers, jerk. Apparently, Iowa City is the new Providence and this is THE sound of the alcoholic baby boomer moms and dads grown-up offspring. Fronted by a female named PAIGE thats got more balls than most dudes. Scummy statisticians will be happy to hear that theres only 255 hand-numbered, hand-screened copies of this record. If you don't dig it, you can eat a bag of dicks.-Permanent Records. "Edition of 255 copies on piss yellow vinyl. Packaged in 3-color silkscreened sleeves." - Rotted Tooth.

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