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SOH Gallery

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Tada had participated in the workshop of Takehisa Kosugi (Taj Mahal Travellers) at the Bigakko. His name is\r\nknown as a main member of legendary improvisation group East Bionic\r\nSymphonia" and "GAP" (both LPs by ALM Records are very rare collectors\r\nitems) in mid 70s. Nowadays Tada mostly interested in photo installations\r\nand sounds by woods, stones and many small objects." - Osamu Abe. "Spacious live improvisation with sound objects (stone, wood, bamboo) at SOKO\r\nGallery in Tokyo.Tactile sounds and their resonances as explored in a room\r\nin a considered manner. issued in 1993.\r\n"This is the second of Tada Masamis original CD recordings. His palette of\r\nsound ranges from the transparent purity of sounds generated from natural\r\nmaterials like wood, stone and bamboo to the subtlety of rare ethnic\r\ninstruments and the intensity of sounds born of violent action. Taped at a\r\nlive performance in a large warehouse, the acoustic qualities of the space\r\nfurther accentuate the contrasts of sound." - SOH Gallery. Highly recommended!

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