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TAKEMATSU, RYO - Six-O-Seven Blues


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"Triple 7 version, packaged in a special slipcase. Tokyos Ryo Takematsuproves the universality and timelessness of the blues on his debut solo release Six-O-Seven Blues. Recorded mainly in a Japanese bedroom, Takematsus heartfelt and sincere acoustic guitar-playing filters his love of pre-war American country blues through the more relatively recent influences of John Fahey and Backwards Sam Firk; the seven pieces here, on three 7" records, slingshot these influences through space and time, from America in a previous century to 21st-century Japan and on to the wider world. Bookended by opening and closing collaborative tracks, Takematsu, one of the founding members of EM Records stalwartsNoahlewis Mahlon Taits, rides solo for the bulk of the tracks, sounding relaxed and focused. The opening title-track, by Takematsu, features some guest percussion from his bandmates, and the final track is a remix, byTomoki Kanda, of John Faheys "On Doing an Evil Deed Blues." Two more tracks by Fahey appear, plus songs by Skip James and William Moore. This time-travelling set is a charm." -EM.

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