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"Doxy presents a reissue of Cecil Taylor and Buell Neidlinger's New York City R&B originally issued in 1972, recorded in 1961. Two nights in January, 1961, high up on West 57th St. A fantastic line-up. Nat Hentoff, in the original liner notes: "I asked Buell Neidlinger about the title of the album: New York City R&B. 'That's what it is', he answered. 'We were all based in New York City then. The session, moreover, has two blues ('O.P.' and 'Things Ain't What They Used To Be') and one of the songs, 'Cindy's Main Mood', has an l-got-rhythm set up. 'Cell Walk'? Well, that's Cecil.' It would be difficult, as well as pointless, to label the music on this Neidlinger/Taylor album.

It is of itself, and is so strongly original that it has not dated in the least. Taylor and Neidlinger, to be sure, have gone on and beyond; but what they did on those nights in January is going to last forever." Personnel: Cecil Taylor - piano; Buell Neidlinger - bass; Billy Higgins - drums and tympani; Archie Shepp - tenor saxophone; Denis Charles - drums; Clark Terry - trumpet; Roswell Rudd -trombone; Steve Lacy - soprano saxophone; Charles Davis - baritone saxophone. Numbered edition of 500." - DOXY

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