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TAZARTES, GHEDALIA - La Bar Mitzvah du Chien


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"Another shamanic journey in Tazart_ɬ®ss universe. He sings and plays all the instruments and samples, recorded in the very same room as all his other solo records since 1974. Performed, produced, and recorded by Gh_ɬ©dalia Tazart_ɬ®s for Bisou in 2012. Tazart_ɬ®ss son, Lalo, can be heard on Dont Cry for Me, Mamma." The front cover is a picture of Quentin Rollet, shot by Yannick Ressigeac. The back features a drawing by Lalo Tazart_ɬ®s. Mastered by F/Lor." - Bisou.

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