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TELAIO MAGNETICO - Live 75 (Expanded Version)

Black Sweat

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"Black Sweat Records presents a reissue with unreleased tracks of Telaio Magnetico's Live 75, taken from the only tour of this super group in 1975. The band was composed of Franco Battiato, Lino Capra Vaccina, Juri Camisasca, Mino Di Martino, Roberto Mazza, and Terra Di Benedetto. In the mid 1970s the Italian underground scene seemed to mature towards an existential priority of yearning for a new psychological universe, with the firm idea to colonize the uncharted space of a necessary and infinite path of spiritual redemption. In this context, the short experience of Telaio Magnetico was born from the confluence of Battiato's experimental efforts in works such as Sulle Corde di Aries (1973), Clic (1974) and M.Elle The Gladiator (1975) and the Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale's new esoteric electronics. A mosaic of metamorphic sounds and frequencies of unfamiliar constellations, the music of Telaio is an imaginary triptych of "energy-cosmos-mind". Synths and Lowry organs draw labyrinths and landscapes to infinity alongside a harmonic percussion arsenal. Whispering and radical improvised vocals are lost as delusional fugues in centrifugal vortices and at the same time seem to offer a compendium of religious chants which evoke Tibetan choruses, Indian pujas, or the Gregorian tradition. Sufi cadences and relaxations or pastoral-tribal elements re-emerge sometimes into a chamber carpeted with oboe sonorities evoking Arabic, Egyptian, or Moroccan pifferos. That which is traced is not only a galactic river but also a Mediterranean circumnavigation: a unique creative moment that in addition to the references to German kosmische musik and British space-rock seemed to be perfumed by the influence of Gurdjieffian mysticism and roots also in the minimalist drone of Terry Riley and La Monte Young as well as parallels with the contemporary research of authors such as Alvin Curran and the explorations of Futuro Antico." - Black Sweat Records.

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