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TERMINAL WASTE BAND - Dial M for Monkey/ Yom Kippur War

Black Velvet Fuckere

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Last I heard from these gouchos they was lightin up the sonic skies w/a brand of fuzz they called Barn Rock. But a move northwest & so many Trappist ales later, maybe its safe to say the barn has given way to a shed. But density is relative & on here the trio dont lunge into the whoosh of Hawkwind & Mountain as before, yet they aint missed a beat neither. These tracks seem more set the controls for the heart of the rural-delica sun, following the not so easily understood maps of neo-cartographers such as Thinking Fellers & Strapping Fieldhands. The moral of this offering might be revenge is dish best served cold & if you miss Blackjack mailorder as much as I do, they you know what I mean. - Roland Woodbe, Siltblog. Silkscreeened sleeves. Features Scott Derr of Monoshock, Sternklang, Black Jack Records, etc..

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