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Terrestrial Tones is the home recorded project of roommates Dave Portner\r\n(Avey Tare of Animal Collective) and Eric Copeland of Black Dice, published\r\nby an emerging label in the underground noise scene, Psych-o-Path records. Blasted, their debut record combines a creepy parade of burlesque musicalia with the\r\nunderwater travels of a submarine 20,000 leagues under the sea. Deep almost\r\nunrecognizable vocals hidden in layers of sub-bass warbles are reminiscent\r\nof work on the Charhizma Label, particularly Christof Kurzmann and his\r\ncollaborations with Dafeldecker and dieb13.\r\nLikewise there are nods to the diverse almost pop-twitch of Dat Politics and\r\nthe polyrhythmic patterns of the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction projects. It_جø¬_??s\r\na dance music record (microtonal future extremely abstract dance) for people\r\nwho like to wiggle to shoes tumbling in washing machines with monkey cymbals\r\nand puppet shows.\r\nIt is serious yet unpretentious, even whimsical, and will appeal to fans of\r\nexperimental electronics, IDM, Throbbing Gristle and related, the drones and squeals of Black Dice and the\r\nnouveau pop psychedelia of Animal Collective. - Psych-o-Path. 2004 release.

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