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Efficient Space

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"Efficient Space welcomes Th Blisks to the fold with their mutant strain of melodica dub, torched hip hop breaks, post-punk and procession song. Th Blisks' members have many notches on their collective belt. Amelia Besseny and Altered States Tapes' founder Cooper Bowman are prolific in their ritualistic ambient-pop duo Troth, while Yuta Matsumura holds a formidable Sydney punk band pedigree on top of his Low Company-backed solo work. A reward for those who took the time to dig it out, Th Blisks' 2022 debut How So? was a DIY creation that fully embraced its outsider roots, reveling in opportunities for connection through pop flourishes. Feeling like it might have been a one-off, they return with Elixa. With an unseen clarity of vision, Elixa conjures its meticulously fleshed out world. Those familiar pieces are all there -- the mystery, the patience, a cheeky pop hook -- however this time there's an intentionality to it all. A blurred dialogue stretching across Australia, it was largely recorded remotely with tracks bouncing between Bowman and Besseny in Muloobinba (Newcastle) and Nipaluna (Hobart), and Matsumura stationed in Warumpi (Papunya). Every element is carefully considered, stemming from their individual time spent as lifers in the local DIY scenes. Through these tracks you can feel that history; echoes of Castings and Vincent Over The Sink in "Do You Bless It?," Bowman's distinctive submerged tape loops gurgling away under boom bap and that Sydney guitar tone in "Esk." Elixa attempts to bottle some pinged-eye wonder at the magic surrounding, whether in the city or the bush. Informed by the old but drug into The New, it is a begrudgingly current Australien record that respectively nods at the UK's sound history." - Efficient Space.

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