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Swill Radio

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"The first Swill Radio 7 in 26 years dating back to The Story Of Failures Negative Fulfillment On The 83 Spitting Circuit EP. The Tobacconists are Frans de Waard and me and we are both heavy smokers. The Tobacconists did a few shows across Europe in the Spring of 2009 and recorded studio versions of our live material which should be released as an LP by Tourettes Records at some point. We did other recordings as well and from them Frans put together this excellent single. Prometheus is a fire-stealing liver-eater with a truly astounding sonic palette. Dr. Peratis Laboratory has some dark secrets indeed and they are revealed here for the very first time. The infernal mechanism! Great cover by Jos Meeuw and a real 7" sleeve! Fantastic!" -Scott Foust

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