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\r\nYikes! This is not a record: its a ticket pressed in 12" format to get_Ç the f- outta this modern era of_Ç derivative nonsense in no time flat and get shotgun-expressed into a eerie world of risk taking / PHD-styled lessons in underground experimental_Ç extravagance par excellence._Ç \r\nYuzuru Agis Vanity label delivers the same spinal-tingle-stun -upon- utterance with the same sting as heavyweight / uber_Ç strange underground labels like ARTIFACTS, SILVER KEY, YETTI WORDLESS, PALACE OF LIGHTS, PLAT-NUM PRODUCTIONS or_Ç the gem of floridas rotten improv scene SPITBALL RECORDS. Vanity is the sounds in_Ç the wild that will exist w/o an audience and make NADA sense, and even_Ç less as_Ç the flat circle of time moves onward to_Ç the future. Even being a major critic in the "Rock Magazine" and coining_Ç the words "Techno Pop"-_Ç the addictive & lustful Agis Vanity world has is a hushed jewel in_Ç the big-cash phallic swinging underground_Ç detectives-types. (Drop_Ç the "Salaried Man Club" tape set or trying_Ç counting all_Ç the VANITY_Ç flexis_Ç the crew has in_Ç the home piles- in the next cool-out skate park breather period (hour 2-1/2) and watch everyone sigh, count fingers and look_Ç the ground). Reissues are scarce- the "boot" of the second Tolerance lp from a couple years ago came and went w/o much of a ceremony- but this debut (the fourth release of_Ç the label landing on 1979) by the Masami Yoshikawa & Junko (no that JUNKO silly willy) Tange is a more wild, varied and EXPERIMENTAL slab to grind on and all the better for it._Ç \r\n
\r\nWhat lies inside? Lots of nearly ECM-ish acoustic flourishes over effected guitar No wave-ish (scratch that lets say the more equivalent to Japans own voice-grated guitar duo NOISE-ish) stew of things, sounding more like random Dada-eqse experiments in texture and rhythm in a sleek urban-mystery cannon that really makes_Ç your brow take some kinda action. It sounds more akin to a Dilaudid- dosed Keith Jarrett trying his best to play_Ç along to some crude Thomas Brinkmann record cutting-beat discs, while Law & Orders Brisco and Logan aggressively questioning a dog that swallowed a guitar played by a barbwire criminal (cause "I WANNA BE A HOMICIDE too@!!) harrowing away in a distant concrete slab. Might as well have Murakamis crew of suave editors from 1Q84 transcribe_Ç the unholy soundtrack from Japanese to whatever language your ears need it to be, all while standing in_Ç the "sweet water" that Elisa Lams decomposing body sunk into it from days lost hidden and rotting in a rooftop hotel pool. Who DOESNT want to hear that?? The Tolerance debut is just plain O.D.D= Occidental Dome- Damaged._Ç \r\n
\r\nAll said and done, this is_Ç from a golden day where risks were_Ç taken and experimental music stroked the esoteric exotic fires of danger and lust, all while basking in_Ç the outsider glow of idiosyncratic glee. Take chances and be yourself, the evidence is all right here_Ç persevered for in_Ç the confusing grooves of "Anonym." Take it from this VAIN JIT - its about the best time you are spend getting "real"- REAL STRANGE. And that- is R.A.R.E = Recycled Assumptions Re-Qualified as Extraterrestrials._¢‚Ǩ¬ù_Ç - John Olson.\r\n
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