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TURMAN, ROBERT - Veiling Reflections

Prasens Editionen

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Präsens Editionen present the ambient soundscapes by industrial-pioneer Robert Turman. Veiling Reflections is a one-hour dark ambient-jam that is to equal parts narcotic and haunting. The brand new piece by Robert Turman is an outgrowth of zweikommasiebens Surreal Sleep - an event series featuring audio and visual material by different artists exploring the realm of sleep. Veiling Reflections was composed for an edition of Surreal Sleep during the RBMA Weekender Zurich in late 2016. Robert Turman is an American experimental and noise musician based in Oberlin, Ohio. In the seventies, he rose to prominence as part of NON, collaborating with Boyd Rice, before leaving to pursue his own more expansive solo vision during the eighties. After years of silence, Robert started to release music again in 2008 - together with noise artist Aaron Dilloway and on his own. Professionally dubbed cassette tapes; Edition of 100. - Präsens Editionen.

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