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UEHARA, KAZUO - Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol. 15: Event 73

Edition Omega Point

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From 1972 to 1973, I was based in New York for my creative activities and live performances. New York at this time was in its golden age of experimental music. Towards the end of my stay, I held a live performance entitled Event 73 to sum up my creative works in New York. The venue for the performance was The Kitchen of the Mercer Arts Center that provided spaces for innovative and emerging artists. This CD consists of a mixture of sounds that were created at a studio prior to the live performance and the sounds recorded live at the performance. I used the Buckla Synthesizer for electronic sound and also for transformation of the sound. The work has four different segments: 1) Diffusion 2) Condensation 3) Chaos 4) Revolution. Each segments meanings and sounds itself doesnt necessarily correlate to each other. Yet, the images that are evoked by each word express the chaotic world of the day. -Edition Omega Point.

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